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拓展培训并非体育加娱乐,而是对正统教育的一次全面提升和综合补充。而我们平时所掌握的知识和技能也是一种有形的资产,然而意志和精神则是一种无 形的力量。有限的知识和技能在任何情况下释放出最大的能量,如何开发出那些意志潜伏在你身上,而你自己却又从未真正了解的力量。怎样才能弄清,你与他人的 沟通和信任到底能深入到什么程度?
Expansion training is not sports plus entertainment, but an all-round improvement and comprehensive supplement to orthodox education. The knowledge and skills we usually master are also tangible assets, but will and spirit are intangible forces. Limited knowledge and skills release the greatest energy in any case. How to develop the power that will lurk in you and you never really understand. How can you find out how deep your communication and trust with others can go?
拓展培训在于激发员工的工作热情,提高团队竞争力,提高任务管理能力以提升个人意志;增强企业凝聚力,鼓舞员工士气,调动员工主动性激发竞争意识,增强团 队的责任心和荣誉感,培养团队合作精神,培养相互支持、主动配合的工作方式。增加非工作状态下的沟通,形成积极协调的组织氛围,提高事件与任务管理技巧, 以及分析问题的能力;磨练个人意志,培养毅力、勇气,增强自信心迎接大自然的挑战,提高面对陌生环境的适应力,从容应对压力与挑战。
Expanding training is to stimulate employees' work enthusiasm, improve team competitiveness, improve task management ability and enhance personal will; Enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, boost the morale of employees, mobilize the initiative of employees, stimulate the sense of competition, enhance the sense of responsibility and honor of the team, cultivate the spirit of teamwork, and cultivate the working mode of mutual support and active cooperation. Increase communication under non working conditions, form a positive and coordinated organizational atmosphere, improve event and task management skills, and analyze problems; Temper personal will, cultivate perseverance and courage, enhance self-confidence, meet the challenges of nature, improve adaptability in the face of strange environments, and calmly deal with pressures and challenges.
Modern society is a highly interactive society and an era of team heroism. How to realize the overall advantages and complementary advantages of the team? In this competitive environment where the pace of life is faster and faster, the division of work is finer and finer, the work pressure is greater and greater, and the emotional communication between people is more and more difficult, enterprises, organizations and individuals need teams more.
拓展培训揉合了高挑战及低挑战的元素,学员从中在个人和团队的层面,都可透过危机感、领导、沟通、面对逆境和辅导的培训而得到提升。 拓展培训强 调学员去「感受」学习,而不仅仅在课堂上听讲。我们都知道,当我们不了解其它人的感受时,即使我们有很好的见解,我们也很难说服他人。研究资料表明,传统 课堂式学习的吸收程度大约为25%,而要求学员参与实际操作的体验式学习吸收程度高达75%,能更加有效地将资讯传授给学员。拓展培训正是一种典型的户外 体验式培训。
The outward bound training combines the elements of high challenge and low challenge. The trainees can be improved through the training of sense of crisis, leadership, communication, facing adversity and counseling at the individual and team levels. Outward bound training emphasizes that students "feel" learning, not just listening in class. We all know that when we don't understand other people's feelings, even if we have good opinions, it is difficult for us to convince others. Research data show that the absorption degree of traditional classroom learning is about 25%, while the absorption degree of experiential learning requiring students to participate in practical operation is as high as 75%, which can more effectively impart information to students. Outward bound training is a typical outdoor experiential training.
This form of expansion training is both safe and interesting, and is easy to be accepted by students. However, the ultimate purpose of expanding training is to enable students to apply the income from training activities to their work. Without the guidance and opinions of professional trainers, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect.
拓展培训是体验式的学习过程但并非体育加娱乐,它是对正统教育的一次全面提炼和综合补充。大多数人认为,提高素质的手段,就是通过各种课堂式的培 训来掌握新的知识和技能。其实,知识和技能作为可衡量的资本固然重要,而人的意志和精神作为一种无形的力量,往往更能起到决定性作用。在何种情况下能使有 限的知识和技能释放出最大的能量?如何开发出那些一直潜伏在你身上,而你自己却从未真正了解的力量?
Outward bound training is an experiential learning process, but it is not sports plus entertainment. It is a comprehensive refinement and comprehensive supplement to orthodox education. Most people believe that the means to improve quality is to master new knowledge and skills through various classroom training. In fact, knowledge and skills are important as measurable capital, while human will and spirit, as an invisible force, often play a decisive role. Under what circumstances can the limited knowledge and skills release the maximum energy? How do you develop the forces that have been lurking in you and you never really understand?
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